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Review im britischen Magazin „Rock Society“ Januar 2017:
„And then, there are albums like this from German rock band GloryDaze…“ „This is hugely fun, big, big heavy metal from our friends in Munich and they take all that is glorious about British and German metal and then take it gloriously over the top. Octavirus is a heady mixture of Scorpions, Accept, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and is designed to be played as loud and as frequently as possible…“ „Many Stürner gives a great vocal performance, very much in Klaus Meine territory and with the twin guitars of Steve Wendlandt and Harry Krause both tuned to Michael Schenker mode, how can they fail? The band has a huge heart and is full of desire even though they appear to have been on the scene for many years but this has given them the confidence to produce this very ’70s / ’80s metal roller-coaster ride, great fun…“


Review im britischen „Strutter Magazine“ Dezember 2016:
„The German band Glory Daze is playing the classic 80s melodic hardrockstyle like many German bands did some 30 years ago. It’s like we put on an old vinyl record from 1986, because it is dangerously close to the sound of legendary bands such as V2, Victory, Pink Cream 69, Veto, High Tension, Axxis, etc. etc. Perhaps not original, they are doing it very well, with a singer who sounds like a cross between Udo and Rob Halford, but musically a bit closer to Melodic Hardrock than Heavy/Power Metal, although fans of classic Accept/Priest will also like this band a lot, The sound is huge and instrumental they are top-notch, so anyone into the mentioned bands need to check them out asap“
(Points: 8.0 out of 10)


Review im britischen Online-Magazin „The Rocker“ November 2016:
„So it’s NWOBHM, early gumby metal ala Saxon, some Eurometal of the Accept ilk, studded wristbands and songs called “Nightmare”, “Thunder” and “Icarus”. It’s an album that bleeds metal“